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Ezel Detergent Matik

Ezel Deterjan Matik removes stains with its powerful formula. It provides perfect cleaning without damaging the tissues of your laundry. With Ezel Deterjan Matik, your laundry will remain intact as on the first day. Ezel Deterjan Matik protects its colors. Ezel Deterjan Matik has a superior cleaning feature with its active ingredients. With its intense perfume, Ezel Deterjan Matik makes you feel its pleasant smell on your laundry. It is the number one choice of our women with its superior stain removal and color protection technology.

Matic detergents are produced in Ezel Deterjan in two different forms, powder and liquid.

What is matic detergent?

The word matic is derived from the word automatic and is used to express that it is suitable for use in fully automatic washing machines and to distinguish it from other detergent groups. Matic detergents are produced in powder, liquid and granular forms. Tower powder is used as the main ingredient of matic detergents. Tower powder is a powder containing substances such as sodium sulfate, powder defoamer, sodium perborate as bleach or sodium percarbonate. The quality of the matic detergent determines the amount of these substances in its component.


Set your program according to the instructions on the label of the laundry. It is not recommended for use on wool and woolen fabrics, silks. It is recommended to wash whites and coloreds separately. It is suitable for use on cotton, linen and artificial fabrics.


The materials used in the packaging of this product are produced from completely recyclable materials. The ink used in the packaging does not contain heavy metals and does not harm the environment. Environmental sustainability is at the core of the way we do business. We have a firm understanding that we adopt the responsibility of making the world a better place.


For Medium Hard Water

Lightly Dirty – 2/3 cap (140 ml)
Normal Soil – 1 cap (210 ml)
Very Dirty – 1 + 1/3 cap(280ml)
-55ml for soft water

For hard water – +55ml

The quantities in the instructions for use are for automatic washing machines that can wash 4-5 kg of laundry. For 6-7 kg washing machines, it is recommended to use 80 ml more detergent.

Consumer Attention: Read the instructions carefully. Keep away from children. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water. Do not touch for a long time to protect your skin. Wash your hands with plenty of water after use. Do not use for cleaning hands, face, body and foodstuffs. If you feel unwell, call the NATIONAL POISON ADVICE CENTER PHONE 114 or your doctor.

PRODUCT COMPOSITION: Anionic Active Matter 5-15%
Nonionic Active Matter, Phosfanate < 5%,
Oxigen based bleach <5%,
Also contains: enzyme, perfume, silicate,
soda and sulphate.

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